Vinyl & PVC Fencing

Custom Vinyl Fencing & PVC Fencing

GMH Fence Co. can install a wide variety of vinyl fencing and PVC fencing in a variety of styles and colors to suit a customer’s fencing needs. Almost every style imaginable is available to suit your personal style. Mirroring the designs available in traditional wood fences, vinyl fencing offers an affordable alternative for homeowners seeking to protect or beautify their property without the periodic maintenance wood requires. Vinyl fencing is durable, attractive and long-lasting.

Varieties of Vinyl Fencing and PVC Fencing offered at

GMH Fence Co.


Privacy Vinyl Fencing

Privacy Panels come with a wide variety of decorative tops up to 10′ high. Every section includes a metal reinforcement channel in the bottom rail to create a stronger and longer lasting fence. We offer a Privacy Panel for every taste and in a variety of colors as well.


Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing

The Semi-Privacy line has one of the largest selections we offer. Customers are invited to pick one of our pre-made styles or to custom design their own. Semi-Privacy panels are specially designed to offer privacy without a “closed in” feeling.


Contemporary Picket Vinyl Fencing

Contemporary Picket offers what is known as the “good neighbor” approach to fencing for homeowners. It is a fence that features both sides of the panels being exactly the same. It is manufactured to follow the basic picket fence design with an added twist. The pickets are assembled THROUGH the rails instead of simply being attached to them. This is what gives the fence it’s unique and useful appearance.


Classic Victorian Picket

Classic Victorian Picket is a maintenance free look alike of the old red cedar fence. All of the panels are designed with the classic look in mind. Available in White, Gray and Beige or Mix-n-Match Colors.

Premium Post & Rail Vinyl Fence

Post & Rail Vinyl Fence contains only premium quality 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl with no hidden fillers that may contain lead or other additives to harm horses and other animals. It has passed all ASTM F964-09 Tests. The quality simply speaks for itself.


Arbors – Vinyl Fence

With so many beautiful variations available, it would be difficult to show them all. We have provided a few examples of different combinations that can be designed by you. We allow you, the customer, to be the creative force behind the look and feel of your Illusions Grand Arbor.*



Pergolas help enhance your home by providing you a semi-private outdoor living space that can help protect your from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We can help you comb through your selection to find the perfect attached or garden Pergola for your outdoor living style.